Tools that Most People Don’t Realize they Need

We’ve discussed in our previous blogs about the most important tools that every homeowner should have. Such as a hammer, wrench, pliers, and more.

However, there are many other tools, and some of them can come in handy in many situations that would be helpful for you to own.

  1. Mini Flashlights – A small flashlight, especially a LED one, is very useful when working in dark corners or around large parts. When you’re working under the sink or removing the plate of a light switch, this is something that you need. Also, a flashlight can usually fit in a small pocket of your tool belt or pants making it convenient, and weigh very little.
  1. Rotary Cutter – This tool is commonly used when working with fabric. Because it rolls, it can cut very straight- even more so than a standard utility knife. Keeping one of these around can help you make more precise lines on longer areas with just one hand.
  1. Telescoping Mirror – You can use it to check the wiring behind a wall-mounted TV or inspecting what’s under your car. With this mirror, you don’t need to bend over and get dirty to see what is behind something. There are also types of telescoping mirrors that come with a light on them making for very easy viewing of inconvenient spots. .
  1. Fabric Ruler Tapes –  It is used for accurate measurements on curved surfaces. You can use this when there is a bend in the measurement and a standard tape or ruler won’t work. They are quite small and typically go a foot long making them helpful in many curved length measurements. 
  1. A Single Nail –  a single 16 penny or large nail may seem like a scrap piece, but can actually come in handy in many situations having it nearby. You can use it to start a hole in something, hammer it in slightly to hold something in place or use it as a straight edge in a quick situation. This is extremely light to carry, and just 1 will do the job. 

Affordable & Useful

These tools, although not necessary, can make your life easier when working. None of them cost a lot, and they are all fairly light and small. However, the ease of use they bring when measuring a curved surface, or using a telescoping mirror to check something behind your stove is something you won’t want to miss. 

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