How to Keep your Power Tools Fresh

Most people agree that power tools are important to have because they help finish projects more quickly and easier than by hand. However, power tools require more maintenance compared to hand tools.

To keep them working as new, here are some tips on how to properly take care of them:

  1. Study and follow manufacturing guidelines – If you’re not a first-time power tool user, you might get confident and disregard reading the manual. However, it’s still important to read the guidelines found in the manual because each manufacturer has key differences. For example, they may have set amounts of time to wait before using, ideal temperatures, and more specifications that can help them.
  1. Store power tools in a sturdy case – most power tools come with their own hard cases and it is in your best interest to use them or another case you may have. The hard case that comes with your power tool is designed specifically to fit and protect them from both falling protection, and also general debri and dust protection so covering them up is important. 
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  1. Keep them in dry and clean places – Moisture can cause corrosion on the electrical components of the power tools and stop them to work properly. To prevent this from happening, the power tools should be stored in a dry and clean place. As mentioned before, this is most easily achieved inside a strong case inside a garage for example.
  1. Clean them regularly especially after use  – It is essential to wipe the tools with a clean and soft cloth and use it together with a proper lubricant. It’s recommended to establish a cleaning routine because this can also increase its longevity by keeping the parts moving easily and quickly.
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  1. Check the condition of the different parts of the device – Look for defects in the power cord, broken saw blades, or cracked drill bits before using.  Faulty parts of the device should be replaced or fixed by a professional. Continuing to use a broken device can get worse even quicker. Also, it is safer for you as it is more likely to act predictably if it is in good working condition.
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  1. Use the tools according to their functionality and design –  Do not misuse the device so as not to damage its components. For example, avoid using a metal saw blade for cutting wood vs using a wood saw. This also comes with being a responsible power tool owner and understanding how strong, but dangerous they can be. Usually, if it is dangerous to the tool it is also dangerous to you and vice versa so you should avoid it.

Power Tools Are An Investment

Most power tools are expensive and it is why it is important to take care of them properly. Some have electrical wirings, batteries, and metal parts that can cause accidents if not taken care of properly. For tips on how to keep your other hand tools healthy, check out this blog post.

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