Types of Screwdrivers That Everyone Should Know

Screwdrivers can arguably be one of the most useful tools for a homeowner. Historians have found evidence of screwdrivers in the 15th century, and since then have evolved into different bits and sizes.

Today, we have screwdrivers of different sizes and shapes, and it can be confusing to know what type you should use.

  1. Phillips Bit– Named by his inventor, Henry Phillips,  this screwdriver has a pointed head with the shape of a cross. When you use this screwdriver on a Philipps screw, it automatically “centers” which makes it easier to attach to a fastener. However, these can be stripped easier if applying lots of pressure
  1. Flat Head Bit– Just like the name suggests, it has a flat head compared to the x-shaped head of a Philipps. It’s used to adjust screws that have a linear notch in their heads, but in some cases, can also be used on a Philipps screw. This requires more focus to attach the bit to the fastener but is less likely to strip than a Phillips at the cost of speed.
  1. Square Bit– Also known as Robertson Bit, it is considered to have the highest torque tolerance and durability among all types of screwdrivers.  These are usually found in the automotive and furniture industries. The large square makes it quick to enter, and due to the deep hole of it, stays in well without stripping the faster easily. Once you use a square bit, it is hard to go back with their quick and strong nature, but they have yet to overtake Phillips as the public view of the best screwdriver bit.
  1. Hexagon Bit– This is like a combination of an Allen wrench and Phillips. Hex bits are often found in bolts and mechanical parts like bikes, for example. They require a bit of fiddling to enter, but once in are very strong and stay in well. 
  1. Torx Bit- These are commonly used to fasten bolts rather than screws. Its tip resembles a flower and is popular in appliance manufacturing and security fields. Similar to the square bit, these are more resistant to stripping than a Phillips’s head, and can be entered faster making them people go-to choices.

Use Removable Bit Heads

Many people have been led to believe that Phillips is the be-all screwdriver in front of a flat head, but that is not the case. Square or Torx bits are stronger and faster than Phillips, but without the convenience of all stores carrying them have yet to catch onto the building industry completely and replace Phillips or flatheads. Instead of purchasing an individual screwdriver for each use, we suggest you buy a kit that has removable bit heads, and you can replace and buy the individuals as you need making it convenient, and cost-effective. 

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