10 Tips To Keep Woodworkers Safe

Working with wood means that you will be working with sharp tools and electrical equipment. There are lots of hazards, some may be seriously injured, so it is very important to look after yourself. 

How do you prevent these from happening? Read these 10 helpful tips:

  1. Avoid Distractions- Distractions are normal, they will always be part of our day-to-day life. But why is it important to avoid this when doing woodwork? You want to ensure that you finish what you are doing, especially working with a power tool, always remember to finish the cut to a safe conclusion.
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  1. Never reach over a running blade-  It is important to always wait for the blade to finish spinning, before removing waste or cut-offs. This might cause injury, especially in your hands.
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  1. Work against the cutter- Most power tools are made in a way that requires the direction of a piece of wood to move through the tool. You need to ensure that the blade cuts into the motion of the wood instead of with it.
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  1. Check stock for existing metal- Before sawing or making a cut, ensure that the piece of stock doesn’t have nails, screws, or other pieces of metal lodged into it already. It can cause injury, always ensuring that the stocks are clean.
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  1. Wear the right clothes- The problem with wearing loose clothes is, there is a high chance that part of them might get caught in a cutting blade or saw. It is best to wear clothes that match the woodworking environment.
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  1. Always wear safety equipment- This rule is very important to remember even though it is a common type. During usage of power tools like routers and surface planners, wearing ear protection is a noted advantage. Always use your safety glasses.
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  1. Avoid using anything that can damage your reaction, time, and judgment- Stay out of alcohol and drugs to avoid accidents. Avoid going to the woodshop when you are intoxicated, the danger is higher when you use the wrong tool because you don’t see what you are doing wrong. So, never mix drugs and alcohol when working. 

  1. Try using one extension cord- Using one heavy-duty extension cord will help you make sure that you are able to turn off wires after every use, especially if you are using a power tool. Too many cords may be confusing and may cause you to get tripped. 

9. Never use blunt blades and bits- – A dull cutting tool can be dangerous. They should be made sharper to cut, so they can bind or slow down. It will ensure cleaner cuts as well. Make sure that you are properly taking care of your saw blades so they won’t get dull.

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10.  Disconnect Power- This is to ensure that there is no electricity power to the tool. The switch can malfunction or be accidentally turned on. 

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11. Use a tool belt– A tool belt allows you to carry your tools easily, climb ladders safely, and work more efficiently and quickly. A tool belt that is arranged properly allows an experienced handyman (or woman) or professional tradesman to intuitively reach for the right tool without taking their eyes off the task at hand. It saves time and effort.

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Better Be Safe Than Sorry

When working with tools and wood, you are near to harm and injuries. A little bit of carelessness can be dangerous. You must be very careful to follow the correct protocol for handling anything.

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