Tips For Taking Care of Your Saw Blades

One of the best ways to take of your tools is by cleaning them regularly. This is especially true for saw blades that are prone to dirt and rust. If you neglect cleaning, the blades will become dull and impact your work negatively. We also need to remember that a dull blade is more dangerous than a sharp blade because it can strain the saw’s motor, and is more likely to kickback.

To prevent this from happening, below are tips on how to take care of saw blades. 

  1. Keep them sharp – The sharper your saw blades, the quicker and safer they will cut. They won’t snag as easily and can make your work more efficient. By either replacing them when they slow down, or learning how to sharpen them with a saw sharpener and regularly doing it you can prolong their lifetime. 
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  1. Choose the right cleaning solution – A soap or detergent will not work if you use it to clean your saw blades. You can use an oven cleaner or a CMT blade cleaner. Make sure that all parts of the blade are soaked properly and wiped down often.
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  1. Scrub it properly not too rough– Scrubbing is important to remove the dirt that is sticking on the saw blade. You can use a toothbrush to scrub the blades but remember to do it gently. If you scrub it too hard or use an abrasive material, it can ruin the surface of the blade. Use something soft like a towel or toothbrush to be the most careful to avoid dulling it.
  1. Inspect your blades before use- Before using a saw blade, do a quick once over on the entirety of it. Missing teeth blades can seem small, but make it more dangerous and likely to become stuck or kick back, potentially injuring you. It only takes 30 seconds, yet can save you time and keep you safe.
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  1. Store your blades properly- Cleaning and sharpening the saw blades help to fix the saw blades. However, by storing them properly you can reduce the maintenance later on by reducing dirt, debris, moisture and keeping them true and sharp. Find a method that works for you to keep them clean, and isolated so they are in reach and safe.
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