The Difference Between Finishers and Framers

Did you know that there are different types of carpenters? Sometimes, we get confused if we should hire a carpenter, framer, woodworker, finisher, or general contractor. Carpentry has many specializations and the most common are rough and finish carpenters.

We will focus on these two types of carpenters, discuss their differences, and find out which one you should hire for a specific project.

  1. Rough Finish Carpenters – Rough carpenters also known as framers,  build the framework of structures. They know how to construct walls, roofs, and floors, which is basically the skeleton of the house or building. They study the blueprints and make sure that the foundation level is built precisely.

Rough carpenters use different kinds of hand and power tools to begin the construction of buildings. From hammers, chalk lines, tape measures, speed squares, and numerous power tools. These framers are focused on making the house square and plumb, but not necessarily good-looking. They can swing hard, dent the 2×4’s and keep nails sticking out slightly as the finishers will come in and clean it up for people to live in. Their work is extremely important to the frame and structural integrity of a building but is not ever really looked at again hence the name ‘rough’.

  1. Finish Carpenters – Finish carpenters are the ones who continue what the rough carpenters started. That means after building the frameworks, finish carpenters will come in to install drywall, crown molding, windows, stairs, and other design elements that the house or building needs, for it to look like a completed room.

Finish carpenters use a different array of tools than framers as they can’t leave hammer dents out in the open. Instead, they have to be more delicate with smaller hammers, nail guns, and precise with tape measures and more power tools.


Which One Should You Hire

This will depend on whether you are building a new house from scratch or remodeling an old home. If you are doing the former, then you will need a rough carpenter to start with framing and building the foundations. They will serve as the base of the house and provide a level starting point for other people to continue from.


If you want to renovate your house by installing new windows, replacing cabinets, and new moldings then you’ll need a finished carpenter as they will be better at delicate carpentry for inside homes.

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