Taking Care of Your Lumber

Wood is the core material for woodworking projects. Having good quality wood will greatly increase the condition of the finished product. With this, lumber needs proper maintenance because wood is susceptible to releasing and absorbing moisture. Moisture can cause wood warping and damage to the wood if not properly taken care of.

In this blog, we will talk about the different tips on how to properly take care of your lumber.

  1. Store your lumber in a clean and dry place –  Keeping your lumber away from moisture will help prevent it from warping. It’s also important that the lumber is not exposed to too much heat so that it won’t lose its color or vibrancy. This is the first defense for protecting the wood.
  1. Don’t stack all your wood on one shelf – Lumber needs some space to “breathe”. Meaning, if you stack too much wood, the one at the bottom may get dented, and also hold too much moisture that it starts to rot. Too much weight can also cause the lumber to bend and change its form. 
  1. Keep your lumber off the ground – This will keep the lumber away from possible water and other debris on the floor. A lumber storage rack can be cheap to buy or build if you want.
  1. Rotate lumber from the bottom to the top occasionally–  As mentioned before, wood can get compressed at the bottom of a stack causing moisture build-up, and bending of the boards. To fight this, the first step is ensuring it isn’t an issue in the first place. However, if you are tight on space and need to stack lots, then every so often, say once a month, rotate it to the top so it can return to its natural form.
  1. Monitor wood for moisture – Even if you follow all these steps, moisture can still build up in the wood. It is best practice to scan over wood for wet or rotten wood. By doing so and removing the bad pieces or using them up, you reduce the risk of it ruining more wood through moisture. Just a few minutes every few months is all it takes, but will greatly increase the quality of your lumber

Choosing The Right Lumber Is The Key


Aside from knowing how to properly take care of your lumber, it is equally important to know which is the right wood to choose for your projects and buy it properly upfront. There are many different factors to consider, so here some tips that can help you.

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