The Basic Tools That Every Homeowner Should Have

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So maybe there are a few projects around the house you want to complete. Like fixing a broken chair or crafting some DIYs… or maybe you just want to stop relying on your plumber every time your faucet leaks. Whatever your reasons may be, you will always begin with assembling the basic toolkit to help you finish any project, whether it’s big or small.

Below is a list of basic tools to have that every homeowner and even a new DIY-yer will need:

  1. Hammer – This is a very versatile tool. You can use this house to hang pictures that you’ve been keeping away forever, and anything you need to hammer with a nail.

Take note that there are different types of hammers. Make sure to use the right one for every project. 

  1. Adjustable Screwdrivers – There are different types of screwdrivers, but one Phillip and flathead will already go a long way. There ain’t no toolbox without a screwdriver!
  1. Scissors – From cutting strings, plastics, and even leather, scissors are a great help. Not to mention that you can even use scissors in both cooking and cutting those long ponytails.
  1. Tape Measure – This can help you find the right size and dimensions needed with every project. The least you will need is a 10-foot tape measure.
  2. Multi-Piece Adjustable Allen Wrench – A great tool for those squeaky chairs at home that needs to be tightened up or for fixing your bike.
  1. Needle Nose Pliers – Commonly used to cut and bend small wires and electrical wiring.  There are some materials like pipe cleaners that you can’t cut with scissors, but these pliers can.
  1. Adjustable Locking Pliers – You can use this to fix those leaking faucets, tightening loose bolts and hoses. There are other different types of pliers you can choose to work from. Get to know them here: link to blog post 2.
  1. R Dawg Tool Belt – Put all your tools in this tool belt to maximize efficiency when finishing your project. Say goodbye to going up and down the ladder just to reach a different tool!

Watch the video below for more:

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