Factors To Consider When Picking Your Wood

Are you planning to build a new DIY table or repair your old one? Then it is important not just to have the right tools, but also the right wood. Picking the right wood can greatly impact the quality and look of your wood project.

In this article, we’ll discuss the important factors that need to be considered when picking your wood.

  1. Durability – If you’re building a table, cabinet, or shelves, then picking a wood that is strong enough to carry weight is important. Generally, when we talk about durability, a type of hardwood is best because they are very strong, and can last a long time.
picking your wood
  1. Design– Choosing the right look of wood that will compliment your aesthetics or design is important. The color is less important as it can be painted or stained, but the grain, circles, grooves, and more will have a large effect on its look. Think about your target environment and what will fit in best. 
  1. Cost – You may want to have the best type of wood but it may cost more than your budget. There are different types of wood in the market that you can choose from, and not all are expensive.
picking your wood
  1. Long-Lasting – Depending on if this is going inside or outside, the type of wood you will get may change. Outside wood is susceptible to the elements including lots of water, rain, and dirt. Also, insects are notorious for finding easy wood to eat and destroying its structural strength over time. If it is outside then you should look at pressure-treated or hardwoods that are designed for outdoor use. Indoors gives you more flexibility with this. 

Study Before Buying

picking your wood

Nowadays, there are now many types of wood to choose from. You are no longer restricted to wood that grew in your area, as wood often travels far to get to shops now. So, it’s important to study and consult with professionals and not just the sellers before picking up your wood. To know the main types of wood, you can check out this blog.

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