The Main Types of Wood

For beginners, a successful project is not only about knowing the correct tools to use, but also picking the right kinds of wood. There are different types of woods and it can be very confusing if you do not know what to look for. 

 Knowing the difference in your lumber can make a big difference between especially when it comes to durability in the long run.

In this article, you will learn which type of wood is best for your specific needs.

  1. Douglas Fir: A type of softwood and is quite strong. It is mostly found in the Northeast. It is considerably lightweight but retains a solid strength. It loses its moisture more quickly compared to any hardwood. 

Douglas fir is a very cost effective solution for large projects and is often to go to wood for studs. Also, if you like modern and contemporary design, this type of wood is a great choice.

main types of woods
  1. Cedar: A type of softwood, it is quite strong and has a good moisture resistance. This is a popular choice for walls because of its durability and stability, which also has great thermal and acoustic properties. 

It has a low tendency to twist, shrink, or warp.  This type of wood is light and quite easy to install. A cedar doesn’t contain any resin, so it can also take a range of paints, stains and to complement your building style. Other uses are for manufacturing dressers and other clothing because of its aromatic smell and insect proof projects.

main types of woods
  1. White Pine: A type of softwood, it is medium strong and is also easy to work with. This type of wood is commonly found in the Southeast area. Other than millwork, you can use white pine for indoor furniture such as tables, cabinets, and shelves. It’s also good for window sashes, mouldings, doors, and paneling where structural strength is less of a priority. 
  1. Red Oak: A type of hardwood that is quite strong, but does not have great moisture resistance. Red oak is a popular flooring material because it’s heavy, firm, and has high strength. Some also use this to make plywood, wall paneling, caskets and coffins, and woodenware.
main types of woods
  1. White Oak: Also a type of hardwood but unlike the Red Oak, it has better moisture resistance. It’s moisture and bug resistance properties make white oak ideal for outdoor furniture and even some small boats. However, it is important to know that white oak has a high tannic acid that can turn ordinary screws black and stain the wood. Therefore, it’s recommended to use brass or stainless steel fasteners for outdoor furniture. It’s also important to understand and plan for its higher shrinkage rate and build accordingly. 
main types of woods

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