Essential Tools for Beginner Gardeners

Getting started in the garden for the first time is an intimidating task. There is so much to learn:

On top of that, you need to buy new tools that you might not be familiar with. Where many gardeners go wrong is picking up every tool they see. As a beginner gardener, buying high-quality tools that you can use for many different garden tasks is a much better strategy than picking up expensive tools that can only clutter your shed.

Here are the essential gardening tools a beginner should have.

  1. Hori-Hori- This is the most essential gardening hand tool you can buy. It is called Hori-Hori because it originated in Japan and is used to carefully extract plants from the earth.
  1. Hand Rake- This is your soil manipulation tool. You can use it to smooth out soil, remove pesky weeds that your hori-hori didn’t take care of, or turn your soil into a mini-tiller. 
  1. Hand Pruner- Are mostly used to chop branches and stems. This breaks the “more than one purpose rule”, but pruning is such an essential gardening activity that it makes sense to have a tool dedicated to the job.
  1. Bow Rake- This is your surface-level soil manipulation tool. It’s used mostly to level your garden, but can also rake gardens free of debris, making your soil more consistent for your plants.
  1. Digging Fork- These are used to manipulate the soil below the surface of your garden. It is also used to dig forks, loosen, lift, and turn over the soil. 
  1. Water Hose- It is the most essential long-handed tool. Without it, you can’t deliver water to your plants and keep them growing.
  1. Water Wand- Will help you save both your back and water. By focusing your watering only on areas that need it, you’ll avoid wasting water, and the hose extension it provides means you won’t need to bend over as much.
  1. Mattock- It is used if you have a significant amount of digging, chopping, or soil loosening.
  1. Digging Bar- If you need to clear out stomps or deep roos in your garden before you begin planting, a digging bar can give you both the power and the leverage you need to clear your soil of debris.
  1. Gardening Hat- This offers protection from the heat of the sun, as well as your neck and shoulders. It allows ventilation and cooling on the hottest of days.

Invest in High-Quality Tools

Now that you know you only need a few tools to garden successfully, be sure to invest in a high-quality of these tools. This might increase your capital cost but, they will last forever, saving you loads of money in the long run.
Also, learn the essential gardening tools here.

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