Common Fireplace Tools You Need

A wood fire burning on a chilly winter night can give warmth to your body as much as your toes. But to properly build that frame and care for your fireplace, an understanding of your fireplace tools can be essential. 

Get to know the different types of fireplace tools you need to have to keep your fireplace safe and secure.

Make sure you own the essential tools that suit the type of fireplace you have.

The fireplace poker is commonly called the stoker, and it is a shorter piece of metal that can be used to push, hook, and even rake materials in the fireplace.

A spade is a fireplace tool that is very useful and you will want to have it. Rather than digging the ground, a fireplace spade makes it possible for the person tending the fire to move ashes and coals around in the fireplace without getting burned.

fireplace tools

Using a specifically designed brush to clean out your fireplace is the best way to remove ash and bits of charred wood when the fire has burned out. A fireplace brush has a very full and thick head to ensure that you can easily brush out all of the remaining ash from the fireplace.

Any home that uses a fireplace for heat or comfort will need to have logs available to feed the fire. Having logs inside your home ensures that they are dry and will burn better than ones left out in the cold or wet.

A bellow or pair of bellows is a device constructed to furnish a strong blast of air. It is a bag-like device with handles that are used to blow air into a fire to keep the flame burning. While most fireplace tools are similar in appearance, bellows can be bought in several different styles with decorations, making them a fun way to add visual interest to your fireplace tools.

A lighter is an important tool for anyone who is starting a fire in a fireplace. Using a lighter makes the whole process a lot faster and easier, and will decrease the chance that the person starting the fire accidentally burns their fingers. 

An ash bucket is a very important tool every homeowner should have especially when they have a wood-burning fireplace. Cleaning out your fireplace is regularly is important, it’s a good idea to make this job as easy as possible to ensure that it gets done in a timely fashion and completed correctly.

Log grabber is also called tongs, it allows you to easily handle hot logs and twigs in your fireplace without accidentally getting burned. They make it easier to move large logs around in your fireplace.

Hearth Broom is a cute little broom used to sweep out the ash from your fireplace once a fire has been extinguished.


It can be very nice to find fireplace tools in the style of the fireplace. It can also be nice, for example, to find a good balance between a fairly simple style of fireplace tools in combination with a decorated fireplace. Even if the chosen style or origin of the different fireplace tools differ from each other, the tools can form one beautiful whole.

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