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Different Types of Axes

The ax has been used by people across the globe for thousands of years. It has established its purpose in building, cutting, chopping, and shaping wood. Axes can also be used for fire making, and they are essential for outdoor use. In this article, you will learn the most common types of axes, and what …

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Hammer VS Mallet

Hammer VS Mallet

Many people may think that a hammer and a mallet are the same tools. You use both to strike a blow or hit a nail. However, a hammer and mallet have different heads and each has its own specific uses. In this blog, we will discuss the different aspects of a hammer and mallet, and …

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power tools

Power Tools For Beginners

Power tools may cost more than hand tools, but their numerous benefits make them worth it. They make work easier, faster, and can let you finish more projects than just using regular hand tools with more strength. However, power tools can be complex and expensive. This is the reason why some beginners don’t know which …

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taking care of lumber

Taking Care of Your Lumber

Wood is the core material for woodworking projects. Having good quality wood will greatly increase the condition of the finished product. With this, lumber needs proper maintenance because wood is susceptible to releasing and absorbing moisture. Moisture can cause wood warping and damage to the wood if not properly taken care of. In this blog, …

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tool belts for men

How To Maintain Your Tool Belt

Maintaining a tool belt is important to ensure that it lasts longer and functions properly. Proper maintenance can also help to prevent injuries, as damaged or poorly organized tools can be dangerous to use. In this blog post, we will discuss various ways to maintain a tool belt, including cleaning and organizing it regularly, repairing …

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