Getting To Know Electrical Tapes

What is an electrical tape?

Electrical Tape or also known as Insulation Tape is used to cover and insulate different kinds of wires, cables, and other materials that conduct electricity. Electrical tapes can vary depending on their width, thicknesses, and also color. You should choose the right one according to how or where you will use it.

What is an electrical tape made of?

Electrical tapes are commonly made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) backing and a rubber-based adhesive to insulate the electrical circuits. They often have some variation of plastic and vinyl to make it elastic and have specific properties for electricity, and heat.

What are the common uses of electrical tapes?

Electrical tape is mostly used in small electrical applications for joining wires together and wrapping them to avoid electrical accidents. If you want to install your own electrical switch, this tape is going to be helpful. However, electrical tapes should not be used for heavily damaged wires or cables, and electrical support is something that is often wise to pass to a professional.  Also, read the electrician tools needed in your toolbox.

What are some tips when using electrical tapes?

  • Before buying an electrical tape, make sure that you got the appropriate grade. There are electrical tapes meant for indoor and outdoor settings, and some better for heat than others.

  • Always stretch the tape when wrapping a wire or electrical chord. That’s because when the tape is stretched during the application, it will provide better insulation compared to when it’s loose and not on the wire.

  • Never use electrical tape as a replacement for wire nuts. There is an electrical current that travels through wire nuts that produce heat. This can cause the electrical tape to deteriorate over time and lose its insulation properties. Electrical tape should not be the main permanent solution for insulating wires, but a starting helper before another method. 

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