5 Important Painting Tools For Every Homeowner

If you’re planning to paint a new color on your wall and ceiling this year, having the right tools is very important.

We don’t mean that you need to have all kinds of fancy painting tools and accessories, but just the ones that are basic yet essential.

  1. Paint Brush

For most people, this is the first tool that comes to mind for painting, and it is no surprise. They come in many sizes, brush types, and will be one of your most used tools when painting. There are large brushes for general areas and small angled brushes for edges so whatever you need will be successful. If taken care of properly by washing immediately after use you can get multiple uses of them. Also, if they harden up while using, let them soak in warm soapy water for 15 minutes and it should be like new.

tools for every homeowner
  1. Paint Roller & Frame

A paint roller can help you cover bigger walls and work more efficiently. You will buy the frame, and then get packs of rollers that you use to paint with. There are different sizes, and softness for different materials like wood versus drywall, etc.

tools for every homeowner
  1. Paint Tray

Instead of using the messy bucket, a paint tray allows you to cleanly pick up and store paint while working. They are cheap to buy, will keep working, and have a design to keep the paint inside while allowing you to easily wipe the paint off your brush. Similar to brushes and rollers, make sure you wash them down each time to prolong their lifespan.

tools for every homeowner
  1. Ladder

Not all of us are 7 feet tall and can reach the ceiling with ease. A ladder – specifically a step ladder for easy balance can hold a can of paint at the top, paintbrushes on its shelf, and allows you to paint higher up. Or if you need to go higher a ladder propped against the wall or house is a good option, but provides less stability and room to hold tools. Ensure it is made of high-quality materials like metal, and don’t skimp out on the cheaper ladder, so spend the money to keep yourself safe. 

tools for every homeowner
  1. Tape

This is for taping off trim, ceilings, and separation of surfaces. You can also use it for creating paint stripes, marking guides, or working around the glass. It may seem that you can use other tapes like masking or duct tape for this, but be wary that painter’s tape is designed to be safe on your walls and easy to remove without stripping existing paint as other tapes may do. 

Paint The Right Way

tools for every homeowner

Aside from the 5 tools above, it’s also important to wear the right apparel or clothes. And by the right clothes, we mean not fancy clothes, ones that you are fine getting paint-stained including your shoes. Also, tie back your hair to keep it out of the way and try to wear many accessories you want to keep clean. Painting makes a large difference on a surface, and by going slow a beginner can do a great job. 

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