Using The Right Hammer for Your Needs

3.3 million years ago, the first hammer was made by man. It was made of hard stone like granite and was used as the main tool for hunting and building. Now, the hammer is probably the most common tool that can be found in households. It is no longer used for hunting and only for repairing or building. 

There are now different types of hammers and each of these has its own specific uses. Aside from that, they are also now in different shapes and sizes.

Below are the types of hammers and their uses.

  1. Claw Hammer – This is the most popular hammer and found in most garages or toolboxes. It has a steel flat head which is used to drive nails and a v-shaped head at the other side to remove nails.

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  1. Double Faced Hammer – Also called a lump hammer, it has a double-faced head, which gives it enough versatility to perform different types of jobs successfully. It can be used for driving steel chisels, masonry nails and is also suitable for light demolition projects.
  1. Sledge Hammer – This is the best hammer to use for jobs that require more strength and power. It can remove interior walls, destroy exterior walls, and can even be used for blacksmithing. Before using this, it’s recommended to always wear safety equipment. Modern heavy-duty sledgehammers come with 10 to 20 pound (4.5–9.1 kg) heads and a handle that is over 2 feet long making them an intense tool for destruction.
  1. Ball Peen Hammer – This hammer has a rounded design, and one of its uses is to shape metals and close rivets which makes it steelhead harder than a claw hammer.
  1. Rubber Mallet –  Rubber mallets are used to not damage objects when hitting them together. This tool weighs multiple pounds making driving in stakes, or pushing wood pieces together easy without a strong reverberation to your arm nor damaging the object that you struck.
  1. Framing Axe  –  This is a heavy hammer also used for building houses on production jobs. This is considered an advanced tool but can make creating stuff easier if someone is doing it a lot. It has an ax on it which can be used to help grab the wood and split wood where rough edges are acceptable.

If you use the correct hammer for the job, it will make the job easier and faster. With so many variations in the market today, it is always important to know the specifications of a hammer and what it can do. Let’s also not forget to practice safety all the time when using a hammer.

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