Hammer VS Nail Gun

Hammers and nail guns are both primarily used for driving nails into materials for different purposes. They can also be used in repairing items, DIY, and home improvement projects. However, many people still get confused when it comes to purchasing these tools. They don’t know which of the two they should buy or whether each is needed for their project. 

In this blog, we will differentiate and discuss both of these tools, and identify which one is right for you.

  1. Hammer – You can find this tool in every household and it has existed since the prehistoric era. A common hammer has two faces: one for hammering things in, and another claw for removing nails. 


  • They are quite affordable compared to nail guns and require very little maintenance and will last a long time.
  • There are different types of hammers that you can use and they come in different sizes. You can figure out what project you are working on, and find a hammer good for you.
  • Hammers only require your hand and strength to function. You can bring it anywhere because it’s not electricity, air, battery, or gas dependent.
  • You have better control of your strikes- how deep, fast, and other specifications.


  • It requires a lot of physical effort and can be tiring over time. 
  • You will need both of your hands to use the hammer and can put your finger at risk when missing the nail.
  • There’s more of a chance that a nail can bend or go at the wrong angle requiring a re-hit.
  • It requires more skill and concentration to drive the nails.
  1. Nail Gun – This is a modern tech tool that can replace a hammer in most situations. It is a power tool that shoots nails at a high speed out its head and rarely bends nails. However, it requires an air compressor which can be loud and restricting. 


  • Has a very powerful driving force and does not require a lot of physical effort. 
  • You can operate the tool just by using one hand. This means that the other hand is free to do other things.
  • It allows you to finish the job quickly and do more work.


  • Since it’s built with modern technology, a nail gun is expensive compared to a hammer. It doesn’t also help you with the electricity bill.
  • They can be heavy depending on the model, and the air tube can make mobility more difficult.

Both Have One Purpose

Hammers and nail guns look different, but they only have one purpose: to drive nails. If you want to be more efficient or are working on a production scale, use a nail gun and you won’t be disappointed. However, if you just need the convenience of a hammer every once in and a while, just purchase a hammer and use that. Regardless, a nail gun is more susceptible to failure so you should always have a hammer backup. 

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