Essential Tools for Gardeners

Are you stuck at home, got nothing to do, and thinking of gardening? That’s actually a great idea! If there’s one thing that this pandemic has taught us, is how to stay at home but still be productive. Did you know that gardening can help build self-esteem and is also good for the heart?

Now before we start gardening, it is important to have the right tools. Below are some of the tools that are basic yet essential.

  1. Gardening Gloves – These gloves aren’t there for just as an accessory because it protects your hand and wrists from dirt, scratches, and calluses. Take note that there are different types of gloves for each kind of garden work.
  1. Digging Fork – Gardeners use digging forks mostly to loosen, lift, or turn over the soil.  These are also useful for changing the quality of your soil quickly.
  1. Round-Headed Shovel – These come in many variations but a round head shovel will give you more value for money. It can take care of almost any kind of digging task.  
  1. Pruning Shears – These can be used to trim or cut light branches, and harvest plants like herbs.
  1. Loppers – Think of this as a super-sized pruner that can cut stronger branches and has a large handle for good torque and grip.
  1. Bow Rake -They are used to level your garden, but can also rake leaf and debris, to make your soil better for your plants. 
  1. Garden Hose – Plants can’t live without water, so this makes the garden hoses very important. It can easily help you water your flower bed, vegetable garden, and lawn.
  1. Garden or Hori-Hori Knife – It’s a basic and versatile tool that can slice weeds or dig them out.  This is also a great seed-planting tool and helps you harvest your root crops carefully.
  1. Trowel – This is a hand tool and looks like a small shovel. One of its advantages over a big shovel is that it does more precise digging. You can use this to apply, smooth, or move small amounts of sticky substances found on the ground and brittle soil.

These are just some of the essentials that a gardener must have. There are also accessories like a gardening hat and knee pad that act as protective gear. Now you know what are the tools of the trade for gardening. 

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