Different Kinds of Toolbox

Whether you have an expensive tool or not, it will always be considered an investment. Our tools help us with home repairs and keep our DIY hobbies going. To make sure that our tools are safe and protected, we need to store them properly, and one of the best methods is with a toolbox. 

There are many kinds of toolboxes you can choose from ranging from all sizes and price ranges. The right kind of toolbox will depend on the type of tools you have, their size, the number of tools, and the price range you are willing to spend on it.

If you’re planning to get a new toolbox or replace your old one, here are the different kinds of toolbox you can consider according to your needs:

  1. Rolling Toolbox

If you need a toolbox that you can easily move around from your garage to the workshop, then this is the type of toolbox that you need. Rolling toolboxes are commonly designed to be tall and vertical storage containers with 2 or 4 wheels on the bottom. They also come with drawers to help you organize your tools which works great for carpenters, plumbers, and homeowners. They are commonly used by mechanics who move their tools around a garage.

  1. Hand-Carry Toolbox
kinds of toolbox

This is a very common type of portable toolbox that is owned by many professionals and homeowners. These are usually made of durable plastic and their handle makes them easy to carry around. It’s perfect for storing and transporting smaller hand tools such as pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. 

  1. Stationary Toolbox

Unlike the previous toolboxes above, Stationary toolboxes are better for storing larger tools that are not going to be moved around lots. You can see these large toolboxes in workshops or garages and are often made of stainless steel. This kind of toolbox is best if you have many tools that you want to keep secured and organized, but don’t need to transport them lots.

  1. Truck-Mounted Toolbox

As the name suggests, this toolbox is mounted on a truck. Carrying lots of tools around can get messy and unorganized, so this provides a stable solution. Many professionals use this as they can remain consistent in their organization methods across jobs and locations.

  1. Hybrid Workbench

It is called “Hybrid” because this is a toolbox that is built into a workbench or other tool. These are often good for space-saving as they are multifunctional in a smaller space than two separate workbenches and a toolbox. These are not very portable and may be heavier, but people lacking in space may look to a hybrid setup to organize their tools in a small space. Also, it can make homework more efficient as all the tools and workspace are right next to each other for quick access.

Choosing The Right Kind of Toolbox Will Make a Difference

Having the right kind of toolbox will not just help you organize your tools, but also improve your work efficiency and prolong the tool’s lifetime. You can find and use your tools right away whenever or wherever you need them, and not worry about them being abused in bad conditions like water or dirt.

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