Month: December 2020

main types of woods

The Main Types of Wood

For beginners, a successful project is not only about knowing the correct tools to use, but also picking the right kinds of wood. There are different types of woods and it can be very confusing if you do not know what to look for.   Knowing the difference in your lumber can make a big difference …

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Hand vs Power Tools

Whether you are a DIY-er or a regular homeowner that owns many tools, you might have asked yourself which is better to buy: hand or power tools. The answer would depend on what type of job it will be used and how much money you have to spend.  We all know that power tools can …

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tool belts for men

The Importance of a Tool Belt

A  tool belt is a very important accessory. It can help you organize your tools, improve efficiency, and in some cases, improve the quality of work. Although there are a few people who don’t like wearing it because they feel it’s too heavy for them or it restrains them to move better. However, not wearing …

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Getting To Know Fasteners

Fasteners play a huge role in the production of different kinds of everyday objects. If you do your own home repairs or are an avid DIY-er, you’ve most likely used any of these to finish your projects. Fasteners are usually small objects made of steel or alloy and can be used for indoor, outdoor, and …

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