Top Grain Primary Tool Pouch


Whether you are a professional carpenter, electrician, framer, gardening enthusiast, or just a DIYer looking for a new tool, R Dawg’s framing pouch is the product for you! A framing tool pouch provides productivity that cannot be achieved carrying tools by hand. By getting a tool belt that is designed optimally for your speed and protection of tools, you can be confident that you will be a better craftsman. Additionally, this extra large pouch is so big, you can fit a cordless drill in the main pocket! Made with high quality extra thick top grain leather, the tool pouch is sure to last a long time.


Product Details:

  • Model: DWG038
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Size: Extra Large Non-Dominant Side Pouch
  • Material: 3mm Extra Thick Top Grain Leather
  • Belt Size: 3” Slit Fits Most Belts
  • Compartments: 1 Large Pocket, 2 Medium Nail Pockets, 2 Leather Loop Holders, 1 Speed Square Pocket

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Rodney E. Fisk
Rodney E. FiskAmazon Customer
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This is a surprisingly good quality pouch. It was a little stiff, to start, but is breaking in well. The stitching and finish work is as good as any store bought pouch I've ever bought. Great item.
Michael Klann
Michael KlannAmazon Customer
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The leather is thick (and OH... that new leather smell) and the stitching is significant. The craftsmanship is outstanding and the leather is tanned and soft.
AnonymousAmazon Customer
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This is made from top grain leather and is sewn expertly. There are are pouches and slots in this for all your necessary construction tools.
Eddie Rattlehead
Eddie RattleheadAmazon Customer
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This is a very well-made tool pouch. The leather is very soft and supple but also heavy-duty and sturdy. It has a ton of compartments for a variety of different tools and needs.
City Ice & Fuel Oil Co
City Ice & Fuel Oil CoAmazon Customer
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Hard to believe I got this tool pouch at such a great price. It holds every type of tool I need for any project. The leather is heavy weight and tough, but supple for a tool pouch

11-Pocket Suede Leather Tool Belt

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Kate B
Kate BAmazon Customer
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This tool pouch is really nice and feels great. Iwill be able to safely climb a roof while still being able to carry all of my necessary tools.
RedDogTXAmazon Customer
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If you are looking for a huge tool pouch that is very well made then this is the one. I highly recommend this R Dawg construction tool pouch.
BuhddaPestAmazon Customer
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Man, I have to tell you, I love this tool belt!
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