Nylon Framing Tool Pouch


  • Specialized For Non-Dominant Left Hand – Designed for optimal comfort and efficiency of your left hand, this pouch is designed to fit your system. The main pouch has space for many fasteners or even a small drill, and the outer loops can fit cats’ paws, tin snips, or other hooking tools. The outer two pockets are each designed to fit a 35′ tape measure, or up to 2 lbs of 16 penny nails making this perfect for framing.
  • Built with a Speed Square Pocket – Designed with a dedicated slit for your speed square, you’ll never have to fumble around for your square again. Designed for righties, it is placed on the left pouch for quick access to slide in and out staying right where you need it, but never in the way of your other tools.
  • Heavy-Duty – Made of 1000 ripstop waterproof Nylon, you are getting extreme durability while also enjoying its lightweight comfort. It can handle the daily rigor of a construction site, and contour to your body. Double stitched and reinforced with steel rivets at critical areas, this pouch can last for years.
  • Compact and Light – It is comfortable and easy to wear even for extended periods. It does not add unnecessary bulk or weight, allowing professionals to move and work freely without feeling weighed down.
  • Fits Most Belts – With a 3-inch slit on the rear, this pouch can quickly be attached to any waist belt system. Additionally, the rear has closed-cell foam for extra padding to increase hip comfort without adding weight.

Crafted with ergonomic precision, it reduces strain during work. Innovative in design, this pouch features a dedicated slot for your speed square, strategically positioned on the left side for seamless access. With 5 pockets, it offers ample storage, including 3 main compartments, ensuring your tools are within easy reach. Crafted from heavy-duty nylon, this pouch delivers unwavering durability in demanding environments. Its compact and lightweight construction ensures unrestricted movement and prolonged comfort during extended tasks.

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