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Outsourced Sales Agency

At R Dawg’s Sales Solutions, we deeply understand our customers goals, and provide custom scalable and highly successful B2B sales campaigns. 

Our Guarantee: You Don't Pay Unless You Make a 300% ROI!

If we take you as a client, you do not pay a single cent until and unless we make over 300% on the money you pay to us!

So if you are to pay us $5,000 a month, you don’t owe us anything until we have generated $15,000 in sales for the month! 

This is why we are so selective with our clients: we need to ensure they have a strong product, and ability to deliver to the customers we sell to.

Why Choose a Sales Agency?

Our Advanced Expertise

Maybe you have a great product, but are struggling to sell. Instead of figuring it out yourself slowly, we bring years of industry experience that can be implemented immediately to your organization.

Employee Onboarding & Training Hassles

Sales is a fast paced environment, and requires constant management to continue to thrive. We allow you to focus on your business, and we’ll focus on bringing you new business and managing the entire sales team.

The Ability to Quickly Scale

When we determine it’s appropriate, we can quickly increase your sales team’s quantity and amount of revenue. We’ll start smaller to get a feel for your market & product, but once ready can pump the gas to maximize your sales.

Our Process

Determine if We are a Good Fit

In order to back up our guarantee, we can’t just take anyone as a client. We need to be confident in their ability to deliver great services or goods, and our ability to find a market to sell them. 

Get to Know You

If we decide to proceed, we will begin diving deep into what you sell, who your customers are, what their pain points are, and developing a custom sales plan. This will be in conjunction with our expert salespeople, and communicating with you.

Start Selling!

Once ready, your dedicated reps will dive in generating sales for you by making calls, emails, and all other methods we planned out in phase 2.

Ongoing Support & Analysis

Sales is not a one and done action. It needs to be consistently monitored, improved, and discussed. We provide advanced reports, business suggestions, and propose new strategies each month as we learn more about what the customers need.

Don't Pay a Cent Until we Generate you 300% or More ROI!

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